Wednesday, 15 February 2017

[UAE / Fairytale Time / Peace and Security] Youth ambassadors will talk youth out of 'extremism', says 'peace' forum (which deflects attention to 'islamophobia' and implies that islam is peaceful)

Youth ambassadors will talk youth out of extremism, says peace forum

Haneen Dajani
February 14, 2017
ABU DHABI // Islam’s message of peace and tolerance will be spread to Muslim nations and around the world by youth ambassadors as part of a project to tackle extremism among youngsters announced by religious authorities. ...
... "Islamophobia is growing, but will we look at it as a crisis or an opportunity?" said Sheikh bin Bayyah, who recently invited to Washington DC to address the US congress. ...
More double fantasy (islam's message of peace and the growing fear thereof) at The National