Thursday, 16 February 2017

[Terror Australis / Groundhog Day: Another tale about margarinised followers of the false prophet being 'demonised' by other than allah with its doctrines of demons] Why it's not enough to counter fear of 'Sharia law' by insisting Islam is 'feminist' (Why not promote salvation by grace through faith in Jesus Christ for a change, instead of submission to a strange, antichrist 'god' and its 'laws'?)

Why it's not enough to counter fear of 'Sharia law' by insisting Islam is 'feminist'

Ruby Hamad
February 16 2017
... It's unreasonable to expect any member of a marginalised group to maintain a level head and a calm tone when being told they should be deported for practicing their faith. ...
... As long as we fail to make this simple but vital distinction, Muslims will continue to be demonised and the real issue will continue to be missed. ...
More missing the real issue ... that if righteousness comes by the law (sharia or any other law) then Jesus Christ has died in vain - though allah and its followers deny both the deity and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and remain under the Law and the associated curse - at Sydney Morning Herald

# The real issue:

Galatians 2:21
I do not misapply God's grace, for if righteousness comes about by doing what the Law requires, then the Messiah died for nothing
What Side of The Cross Are You Living On? Law or Grace

# Calvary Chapel San Clemente