Wednesday, 15 February 2017

[Terror Australis / Burden of Damascus / Islamokillia / Groundhog Day] IS video condemned by Imams Council as 'polarising' and against ... islam's blasphemous, antichrist 'teaching' - which calls for beheading and maiming 'unbelievers', among other things

IS video condemned by Imams Council as 'polarising' and against Islamic teaching

By Sowaibah Hanifie
... Sheikh Shady Al-Suleiman and Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed are involved in inter-faith work to help build bridges between the Muslim community and others to tackle racism and increase understanding of Islam. ...
More tackling 'racism' (against the islamic 'race'?) and spreading deception about the evil, blasphemous, terror-casting religion at ABC

# Memories - the hedjab is a proud symbol of ... feminism :)

Hijab worn as 'proud symbol of feminism', Adelaide student says

ABC Adelaide
By Brett Williamson
18 Oct 2014
... "It is a proud symbol of my feminism, that we [Muslim women] are worth more than our physical beauty and people should look at us for what is in our minds and what is in our hearts," Ms Hanifie told 891 ABC Adelaide's morning program. ...
# Where islam imposes itself through forward lash, the tales of phony phobias and backlash follow close behind:

'We felt frightened': Muslim girls speak out about backlash to Australia Day billboard

Stacey Lee - Yahoo7 News on January 28, 2017
... The Al Salam Peace Festival has now been running in Adelaide for three years and organiser Sowaibah Hanifie hopes that as the event's popularity grows, so too will the wider community's understanding of Muslim culture. ...