Wednesday, 1 February 2017

[Canada / Dealing with 'demons' - while ignoring doctrines of demons, strange gods and false prophets] Quebec media, politicians express regret over islam rhetoric after moske attack

Quebec media, politicians express regret over Islam rhetoric after mosque attack

Les Perreaux
Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017
... “Every society has to deal with demons,” Mr. Couillard said in his fifth plea in 48 hours for conciliation. “Our society is not perfect; none is. These demons are named xenophobia, racism, exclusion. They are present here. We need to recognize that and act together to show the direction we want our society to evolve. ...
More naming 'demons' while ignoring islam's doctrines of demons, which deny the deity and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and call for 'unbelievers' to be beheaded or maimed, converted, or forced to live in subjection, paying into allah's jizyah racket.

# Flee from islam - run for your life!