Friday, 20 January 2017

[YouTube / USA / Age of Trump / SCAIRmongering - more interfaith harmony (apostasy) - even a week to support your muslim neighbors] CAIR-Kansas Director Interviewed About Civil Rights, Interfaith Initiatives

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# Memories / Al Jazeera:

Warmongering Islamophobia in the US, October 1-10, 2016, CAIR Reports
... Editorial Note:

Islamphobia (exaggerated and baseless fear of Muslims) has been perpetrated and perpetuated to justify the continuous US wars and invasions of the Muslim World since 1990, in order for the war industry beneficiaries to justify the enormous and unprecedented US national debt, which has reached more than $19 trillion, as a result of the permanent-war military spending.

Tens of thousands of Americans are killed by non-Muslim other Americans every year, in gun violence. However, Islamophobes ignore that fact and focus on an incident or two perpetrated by Muslims in an entire year.

For example, in 2015, there were 53,228 shooting incidents, resulting in the killing of 13,415 Americans. Of these, there were only two incidents perpetrated by Muslims and resulting in the killing of 18 Americans.

The Zionist media, like Fox News and CNN, together with the war industry agents and Zionist-controlled politicians like Trump, kept mentioning these two incidents while totally ignoring the other 53,226 incidents, which resulted in the killing of 13,398 Americans!

The end outcome is that the American people are indeed actual victims of a continuous warmongering campaign, Islamophobia, and a daily holocaust, perpetrated against them by the war industry beneficiaries and their agents in the media and politics. ...