Wednesday, 18 January 2017

[USA / UN / EU / OIC: Obsessing over fear of allah's evil, blasphemous religion - and being concerned about division and 'othering' - after dividing people into 'muslim / non-muslim'] UN conference on anti-muslim hate (resistance to the evil religion) addresses rising fear of Xenon

UN conference on anti-Muslim hate addresses rising xenophobia

James Reinl
Wednesday 18 January 2017
... But according to Arsalan Suleman, the US envoy to the OIC, the problem is too big for governments alone. Businesses and civil groups must get on board to tackle the tough “challenges we’re facing”, he told MEE.

Shaarik Zafar, the US State Department’s envoy to Muslim communities, said American Muslims must try to win over Christian and Jewish groups to help their standing in the broader American society. ...
More on those who follow the strange god and its false prophet - with their usual victim baggage after a succession of islamic terror-castings that had nothing to do with islam - at Middle East Eye