Tuesday, 17 January 2017

[USA / Pasadena / Trumpophobia] We Pray For Our Leaders (But no longer by name - because the name of the president-elect is a trauma trigger for some)

We Pray For Our Leaders

by Mike Kinman, Rector of All Saints Church
... We are in a unique situation in my lifetime where we have a president elect whose name is literally a trauma trigger to some people – particularly women and people who, because of his words and actions, he represents an active danger to health and safety. ...
More on the trauma trigger and active danger at All Saints Church

# More on the church which has difficulties coping with possible trauma associated with using the name of Donald Trump in prayer:

A Word From the Rector
... And so our job as a community is to be sensitive to the needs of those among us who are experiencing trauma — and to love one another into a place where we can all “feel freedom” — in this case into a place where praying for Donald Trump by name doesn’t create a trauma reaction and compromise the safety of the worshipping community. ...