Sunday, 29 January 2017

[USA / Islamophonia / Hollywood] The call to 'prayer' to the evil, terror-casting 'god' of islam is being abused - by people who use the 'beautiful' sound when carrying out terror-castings - or something - should use Yakety Sax instead

The Islamic call to prayer is being abused

January 29, 2017
By Hussein Rashid
... Muslims find it painful to hear the sound they love tied to the violence they abhor. Non-Muslims find it basically impossible to approach what Muslims find beautiful if they hear it connected to what we all find ugly.

The azan is meant to remind the listener of God’s majesty. Revealed to Prophet Muhammad, it puts the believer in a state of awe and humility. ...
More implying that allah is God and Mohammed is a prophet at Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Innocence of Muslims (Yakety Sax)

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