Sunday, 29 January 2017

[USA / Islamophonia / Hedjab-Tugging Tales] Anxiety About Refugee Followers of the False Prophet Is Stoked Online by the 'Far-Right Media' (Says the New York Times - which seems to specialize in 'islamophobia' stories)

Anxiety About Muslim Refugees Is Stoked Online by the Far-Right Media

JAN. 28, 2017
Type the word refugees into Facebook and some alarming “news” will appear about a refugee rape crisis, a refugee flesh-eating disease epidemic and a refugee-related risk of female genital mutilation — none of it true. ...
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Memories - why on Earth would anyone fear allah's evil, blasphemous, terror-casting religion:

When the Tide of Islamophobia Reached My Hometown Mosque

MARCH 5, 2016
... So it was with a sense of quiet dread that I learned about the graffiti at the Islamic Society’s headquarters, on the same wall in front of which I’ve taken countless family pictures. The wave of bigotry sweeping the country had finally crashed into the doorstep of my hometown mosque. ...
‘The Way People Look at Us Has Changed’: Muslim Women on Life in Europe
... “To be a Muslim woman in France is to live in an apartheid system of which the beach bans are just the latest incarnation. ... I think that French Muslim women would be justified to request asylum in the United States, for instance, given how many persecutions we are subjected to.”

Karima Mondon, 37. French teacher who recently moved to Casablanca, Morocco, from Lyon, France. ...
# Better in the US than in France - in spite of the 'anxiety' stoked by 'far-right media'?

# Who is 'stoking anxiety'?

French PM angry at New York Times over Islamophobia claims

September 6, 2016
... Valls questions sources

The New York Times said the article had been compiled from responses provided via an online submission form. However, Valls claimed that the majority of those interviewed had been attendees of an event in France described as a “decolonisation summer camp”.

“This is not a field survey, allowing for different perspectives or nuance in the analysis,” said Valls. ...