Saturday, 7 January 2017

[USA / Islamokillia: 'Islamophobia' is alive and kicking (unlike some victims of islamic terror-casting, who are neither alive nor kicking)] Bigotry and the dark side of American society

Bigotry and the dark side of American society

By Fawaz Turki, Special to Gulf News
January 6, 2017
... In the US today, Islamophobia is in. Political correctness, along with respect for others who embrace a faith different from yours, is out. And never mind that Muslim Americans, like you, drive to work every day, take their children to soccer practice, head on to a beach for summer vacation every year, replenish their children’s college funds and struggle to pay their credit card bills, federal taxes and house mortgages, like everybody else. ...
More on the phony phobia - and the followers of the false prophet who drive to work, head to the beach - and, in some cases, head to the clubs, malls, universities and other places in order to stab, shoot, behead and otherwise fold, spindle or mutilate innocent victims - at Gulf News

# There is no dark side to islam - matter of fact it is all dark, antichrist, blasphemous - based on a strange god, false prophet and the associated doctrines of demons as found it the koran and elsewhere