Friday, 20 January 2017

[USA / Followers of the false prophet play victim card after their own tactic is used on them] Texas representative sends letter to "Islamic Leaders" surveying beliefs

Texas representative sends letter to "Islamic Leaders" surveying beliefs

Sarah Hoye , WFAA
January 19, 2017
... “It’s reminiscent of literacy tests African-Americans faced back in the Jim Crow days,” said Alia Salem, executive director for the Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter of CAIR. “I’m not outraged. This is old hat stuff for the Muslim community.” ...
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Islamic Society of East Bay Hosts Candidates’ Forum

By AbdusSattarGhazali
... The candidates explained what they will do for the betterment of Fremont people if they were elected. Many from the audience asked questions about their programs.

Sameena Usman, CAIR’s Government Relations Coordinator, was the moderator of the forum. CAIR-CA director Zahra Billoo was also present.

The ISEB candidates’ forum was part of the CAIR-CA effort to motivate Muslim voters. It held a similar forum on Saturday, October 15, at Yaseen Burlingame Center, Burlingame while yet another forum is scheduled for October 22 at the Muslim Community Center of the East Bay Pleasanton.

In addition to these events CAIR staff and volunteers can be found registering voters at Friday prayers. ...
GOP Rep Uses 'Loyalty Pledge' to Intimidate Texas Muslims Before CAIR Capitol Day

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