Thursday, 19 January 2017

[USA / Allah the Kuffar Slayer / Islamophonia / Boogeyman] How Hatred of (evil, blasphemous, antichrist, terror-casting islam) is Corrupting the American Soul (according to a follower of the false prophet made victorious through terror)

How Hatred of Islam is Corrupting the American Soul

Khaled Abou El Fadl
ABC Religion and Ethics Updated 19 Jan 2017
... Gaffney is not shy about proclaiming the United States to be a Christian nation and the Western civilization as rooted in Judaeo-Christian values that are currently under siege by global jihad and Shari'ah. ...
... Whatever happens in the upcoming Trump era, I am at peace with bearing witness before my Lord, the Lord of Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, that this cabal of angry white women and men are murdering the very soul of true Judaism, Christianity and indeed all of humanity.
Khaled Abou El Fadl is the Omar and Azmeralda Alfi Distinguished Professor of Law at the UCLA School of Law. He is the author of Reasoning with God: Reclaiming Shari'ah in the Modern Age.

More on the misunderstood war in the heavens between the strange and evil 'god' of islam and the Father, Son and Holy Spirit at ABC Religion and Ethics

# Hatred of this is corrupting the American soul, apparently:

The Women

[4.157] And their saying: Surely we have killed the Messiah, Isa son of Marium, the apostle of Allah; and they did not kill him nor did they crucify him, but it appeared to them so (like Isa) and most surely those who differ therein are only in a doubt about it; they have no knowledge respecting it, but only follow a conjecture, and they killed him not for sure.

[4.171] O followers of the Book! do not exceed the limits in your religion, and do not speak (lies) against Allah, but (speak) the truth; the Messiah, Isa son of Marium is only an apostle of Allah and His Word which He communicated to Marium and a spirit from Him; believe therefore in Allah and His apostles, and say not, Three. Desist, it is better for you; Allah is only one God; far be It from His glory that He should have a son, whatever is in the heavens and whatever is in the earth is His, and Allah is sufficient for a Protector.