Monday, 16 January 2017

[UN / OIC / Submission to the strange god: Yet another forum on combating 'fear of' (or resistance to?) allah's evil, antichrist religion] OIC to organize forum at UN on combating anti-muslim discrimination (but not combating anti-Kuffar discrimination in the form of stabbings, shootings, bombings, crucifixions, drownings, beheadings ...)

OIC to organize forum at UN on combating anti-Muslim discrimination

16 Jan, 2017
... The day-long event at the UN Headquarters in New York will feature high-level speakers as well as interactive panels examining the rise of Islamophobia globally from the perspective of governmental, non-governmental and private sector representatives. ...
More on the followers of the false god and its false prophet - and their obsession with fear of their evil, blasphemous religion - at Radio Pakistan