Sunday, 1 January 2017

[The 9/11 hoax - and other barking mad tales. Ruff! Ruff!] Why should western governments terrorize islamic women!

Why should western governments terrorize Islamic women!

Dr Abdul Ruff
January 1, 2017
... While anti-Islamic nations terrorize Muslims with terror goods the Muslims who practice Islamic way of life are being terrorized by denying them basic religious rights. The trend is devastatingly very acute in so-called western democracies where Islamic women face state restrictions of serious nature with regard to religious practices. ...
... Consequently, Islam, Muslims and Islamic faith are under siege and attack for years.

Following Sept. 11, 2001 hoax, engineered in USA to gain legitimacy to invade an Islamizing Afghanistan by blaming it for the Sept- hoax and, destabilizing the nation of brave Afghans, and invade Iraq to kill a brave President of Iraq Saddam Hussein for his anti-American stance and hi efforts to protect Arab oil to flow into USA and EU freely. USA achieved its objectives- Afghanistan has been destabilized and President Saddam Hussein was assassinated in a cold blooded manner. ...
More barking madness about the 'hoax' - and the 'assassination' of Saddam Hussein, by hanging following a trial - and heaps of other tripe that would do SCAIR proud - at Kashmir Watch