Monday, 2 January 2017

[Pakistan / Sindh / Beware of False Prophets - Mohammed in particular] The matter of forced conversions (to evil islam)

The matter of conversions

By Dr A Q Khan
January 02, 2017
... In the second verse, the Almighty has invited people to come to the abode of peace (Darus Salam) and the only path to it is by accepting Islam. It is not permissible to stop a non-adult, who is intelligent enough to make decisions, from accepting Islam.

“And he who wholeheartedly says that there is none but Allah to worship has earned jannah.” (Bukhari and Muslim). “Every born child is born as a Muslim by nature.” (Bukhari and Muslim) “The Holy Prophet invited a Jewish boy to embrace Islam. He embraced Islam and the holy prophet blessed him with Allah’s benevolence.” (Bukhari 1290) ...
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