Monday, 9 January 2017

[Islamophonia: Another tale about muslims and their obsession with fear of allah'e evil, terror-casting religion] Breaking the vicious circle of 'radicalism' (islam), and the resulting 'fear' thereof (any form of resistance to evil islam)

Breaking the vicious circle of radicalism, Islamophobia

... A second vicious circle exists between the deeper entrenchment of radicalism in the Middle East and parts of the Muslim diaspora, and the dissemination of Islamophobia in the Western world based upon a false perception that equates Islam with terrorism.

Historically, Islamophobia has deep roots in Europe, reaching well back to the 16th century, when Ottoman advances into Europe were described as a major existential threat for Christianity. ...
More babble about vicious circles - and Ottoman advances which God foiled, as will happen as allah seeks to hijack creation and set itself up as 'lord of the worlds', at Daily Sabah

# Break the vicious circle of islam and its associated lies, blasphemies and terror-castings - flee from it - run for your life!