Thursday, 5 January 2017

[France / Great Falling Away / Submission to a strange god and its evil, antichrist religion: 'Islamophobia' is a threat to national unity!] The Great Mosque of Paris: A symbol of allah's evil, blasphemous religion in France

The Great Mosque of Paris: A symbol of Islam in France

Kait Bolongaro
Wednesday 4 January 2017
... Shortly after the deadly attacks in France and Germany, that left dozens killed and hundreds injured in the last few months, The Islamic state announced its responsibility for both incidents. This left the mosque to contend with a French society rife with mounting Islamophobia, according to Boubakeur.

The Inter-ministerial delegation in the fight against racism, anti-Semitism and homophobia (DILCRA) stated that violence against Muslims has tripled, as 425 cases of aggressions were reported in 2015 in comparison to 133 cases in 2014. ...
... He sees the rise in Islamophobia as a sad development in his adopted homeland and a threat to national dialogue and unity. However, he also sees it as a natural consequence of radicalisation that has made Muslims the scapegoats for terrorism and other problems within French society. Political parties - particularly the populist National Front under Marine le Pen – have capitalised on such sentiments, according to Boubakeur.

“Politicians often blame Muslims to hide their own responsibility,” he said. “But this Islamophobia is rooted in a deeper rejection of business as usual in politics. Citizens have the impression the government doesn’t listen to them or take their needs into account.” ...
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