Monday, 9 January 2017

[Canada / Toronto: Followers of the false prophet play victim cards - then demand submission masked as 'inclusivity'] Still seething from the Snapchat scandal?

Still seething from the Snapchat scandal?

By Haseeb Hassaan
8 January 2017
... To further the actions already taken, SMCSU should aim to make St. Mike’s as inclusive as possible. Beyond ensuring that events are inclusive — including by catering to dietary restrictions and running accessible programming — SMCSU should reach out to the Muslim Students’ Association, first with an apology, and then as part of an inquiry into how SMCSU can change the negative perception that many Muslim students now have of it. ...
More seething and demanding at The Varsity

# The triggers that made the false prophet's followers seethe:

USMC admin, SMCSU had advance knowledge of leaked Snapchat videos

By Jack O. Denton
28 December 2016
... The videos were recorded by Vando at a house party hosted by former Vice-President Joseph Crimi. They show former SMCSU Councillor Sara Gonsalves singing “Would you be my Muslim boy?” to the tune of “American boy” by Estelle, and later reading from a book titled “Islam for Dummies.” ...