Thursday, 15 December 2016

[USA / Washington / Islamophonia: Perhaps the 'African immigrant' cabbie had experienced allah, islam, or ISIS - and had good reason to fear any or all of them] Liberal Outlets Falsely Tie Trump To Cab Driver Who Allegedly Harassed Muslim Lawmaker

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The Daily Caller:

Liberal Outlets Falsely Tie Trump To Cab Driver Who Allegedly Harassed Muslim Lawmaker

... The 34-year-old Omar, who was elected to office in Minneapolis, said in a statement released on Monday that her driver was an African immigrant.

Before that detail emerged, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Salon and other reliably left-of-center outlets portrayed the verbal assault against Omar as the result of a Trumpified America. ...
More on the 'African immigrant' who didn't play into the hands of allah or any aspect of its evil, blasphemous religion at The Daily caller



DECEMBER 13, 2016
... On Monday Omar released a statement on the D.C. taxi incident. In the statement she reveals that she was accompanied by her sister at the time of the incident and the alleged perpetrator is an African immigrant. She announces that she has filed complaints with the Department of For-Hire Vehicles and the Human Rights Commission in D.C. ...
Interesting story at PowerLine

The original hedjab-tugging tale:

Statement from Ilhan - D.C. Cab Incident

December 12, 2016
Last week, in Washington DC, with my sister, while traveling for a conference, I was subject to overt hate-speech to an extent I had never experienced. Our cab driver, who was an African-immigrant himself, called us, “filthy,” “ISIS,” and threatened to remove my headscarf. I was shocked by how boldly he expressed bigotry. ...
More boldly expressed bigotry (with no mention of Trump - and one mention of 'islamophobia') at Ilhan Omar