Thursday, 8 December 2016

[USA / University of Connecticut / Islamophonia] Yuletide from Different Perspectives: Fear of evil, antichrist islam in America

# America is such a harsh and unforgiving environment for followers of the false prophet of Islam (let him be anathema) - unlike enlightened societies such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, where Christians and Jews are free to live, pray, and preach completely unmolested and unharmed.

Yuletide from Different Perspectives: Islamophobia in America

By Melissa Scrivani
December 8, 2016
... As a Muslim American, Harvard discussed her own experiences and the struggles she faced growing up, including feelings of unwantedness. “Not only am I blamed for Pearl Harbor, I’m blamed for 9/11,” Harvard said, “This is a scary reality… 51 percent of Americans agree with banning Muslims in America.” ...
More on the poor victim who is only blamed for Pearl Harbor and 9/11 (unlike Trump, who is blamed for just about everything) at The Daily Campus