Saturday, 3 December 2016

[USA / San Bernardino / Allah the Kuffar Slayer / Christmasophobia / Boogeyman Alert] Followers of the false prophet still living with fallout from San Bernardino islamic terror-casting (perhaps triggered by attendance at an office Christmas party - more 'workplace violence'?)

# Wow! Uncomfortable stares and awkward conversations. Nothing like a good 'backlash' story following an act of islamic terror-casting. Poor victims!

Muslims still living with fallout from San Bernardino shooting

Leslie Berestein Rojas
... Hate crimes against Muslims spiked around the country, and there have been uncomfortable stares and awkward conversations.

Neurologist Faisal Qazi, who has practices in San Bernardino, Upland and Pomona, said some of the conversations came when he least expected it — like during the primary election, when a patient told him he’d just voted for Trump. ...
More on the poor neurosurgeon whose patient voted for Trump (and other victims of non-news) at KPCC