Sunday, 4 December 2016

[USA / Ohio State University Radio: Practiced at the art of deflection - from islamic terror-casting to issues of 'radicalization' and islamophonia] At Friday 'Prayers' to the evil, terror-casting 'god' of islam, A Sermon Against 'Radicalization' After A 'Troubling Week' (A foiled islamic terror-casting using a vehicle and knife)

At Friday Prayers, A Sermon Against Radicalization After A Troubling Week

... Noah says each Friday he requests a member of local law enforcement keep watch outside the center, but today he's requested multiple officers. Despite the heightened sense of fear since Monday's attack, he wants members of his community to keep their faith.

"But the level of goodness and beauty that's here is far more greater than the Islamophobia they are facing today," Noah said. ...
More deflecting attention from evil islam to ... mental health issues, 'radicalization' and fear of evil islam at WOSU

# Apparently there was no attempt to blame Trump for the terror-casting - or not in the published tale

Flee from evil islam with its associated victim baggage and phony phobias - run for your life!