Thursday, 1 December 2016

[USA / Ohio / Panicked Pakistanis claiming that evil islam had been 'hijacked' yet again - 'islamophobes'?] Ohio university attack stokes muslim fears - but they are quick to deflect attention and claim that islam was hijacked - problem solvered!

Ohio university attack stokes Muslim fears

... As 24-hour news channels broke the news, focusing particularly on Artan’s religious background and his stay in Pakistan, panicked gripped the Pakistani-American community.

“Once again terror has struck the innocent citizens … I am heartbroken as a person of Islamic faith as once again my sacred faith is hijacked and abused,” Muhammad Babar Cheema, a physician in Louisville, Kentucky, posted on Facebook. ...
More on the panicked Pakistanis claiming that allah's evil, antichrist religion had been 'hijacked' at Dawn (with bonus mention of Trump - who did not carry out the attack - but may seek to prevent further such attacks)