Wednesday, 28 December 2016

[USA / Maryland / Teaching while muslim and playing victim card / Trump bashed illegal immigrants - or so the story goes] The classroom challenges Trump presents to this immigrant false prophet teacher that the Washington Post came across

The classroom challenges Trump presents to this immigrant Muslim teacher

By Valerie Strauss December 27
... Before I had a chance to ask the young woman to say more, another of my students, a young man, disagreed. “It’s a great morning!” He sat up in his seat and smiled broadly. The silence that ensued was palpable. We were a divided country. Mine was a divided classroom. And everyone was quiet, waiting for a response from me. ...
... The gleeful young man wrote only one line. “I feel happy that Trump won.” I was less troubled by his opinion than by his inability or unwillingness to say why. ...
More on the palpable silence from the triggered teacher with her muslim victim baggage at Washington Post - which apparently mistook it for news :)

# If only the Thomas S. Wootton High School could employ some less biased teachers who wouldn't run off to the Washington Post to say a student was feeling happy that Trump won :)

# At least no hedjabs were tugged