Thursday, 8 December 2016

[USA / Islamohysteria: Comedians and others see white supremacists, Holocausts and subtle internment everywhere] We Must Fight the Most Anti-Muslim Administration Ever

# Clash of civilizations (suggesting that evil islam is civilized):

We Must Fight the Most Anti-Muslim Administration Ever

A clash of civilizations is truly brewing. But it’s not Islam versus the West, as right-wing pundits want you to believe. Rather it’s the Trump administration versus Islam. And no one is happier about this than ISIS and Al Qaeda. ...
More comedy at The Daily Beast

# Holocaust:

New York Times foresees 'anti-Muslim Holocaust' under Trump

By Michael Berenhaus
December 7, 2016
In the opinion pages of the N.Y. Times, written by N.Y. Times editors, was a piece called "Threats of an anti-Muslim Holocaust" (11/29/16). ...
More on the 'threat' at American Thinker

# Subtle confinement or expulsion:

Welcome To America! Now Prove You Belong Here

by Mariah Feria
... The sad fact is this: there now exists in America a society in which Muslims are having to prove they belong in their country, but only by denouncing their religious beliefs.

Unlike the Japanese-Americans, they have not been placed in concentration camps. Their confinement is much more subtle, but nevertheless caused by the Government’s attitude. ...
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