Sunday, 18 December 2016

[USA / Daily Bull / Trumpanoia strikes deep] Coming Out As An Undocumented Immigrant Female of the False Prophet (Who Was Permitted to Remain) In Trump’s America

Coming Out As An Undocumented Muslim Immigrant In Trump’s America

... “I feel like Trump’s been stalking me my whole life.”
This is 29-year-old Fatima Ahmed, who’s been in the U.S. for 28 years. She’s a New Yorker through and through, and now an undocumented Muslim immigrant in Trump’s America. ...
More on the poor victim who was permitted to stay in America (and whose mother got a job in a Trump casino after living a life of luxury in a big house with servants in Bangladesh but came to the USA to live in squalor) but thinks Trump is stalking her at The Daily ... Beast