Sunday, 4 December 2016

[USA / Age of Trump: Trump supporters apparently openly acknowledged that islam was behind 9-11 instead of pretending that islam was a religion of peace] Another victim of fear of allah's evil, blasphemous terror-casting religion following Trump's election

Another victim of Islamophobia

Sara Al-Ansari
December 3, 2016
... I got into a taxi and the election-talk continued. “The fate of my American-Muslim brothers and sisters is to be determined by the end of the night,” the taxi driver said. “The fate of many blacks, Hispanics and undocumented immigrants is also to be determined by the end of the night. All I can do is pray for our fates.” ...
# I find that very hard to believe
... There isn’t a specific appearance or religion that is required to be seen as American. But because of white supremacists and other extremist conservative groups, the struggles of minority groups are endless. Donald Trump’s victory has only encouraged more discrimination. ...
More on muslims feeding their own sense of victim-hood (while still following the evil god and false prophet responsible for the terror-castings) at The Daily Q (Qatar - a land under the sway of the evil god of islam and its antichrist religion)