Friday, 2 December 2016

[USA / Age of Trump / PressTV - Fake News / Boogeyman Alert: 'Explosion of hate crimes' against followers of the false prophet of islam] Hate-filled attacks against muslims to rise under Trump: Author

Hate-filled attacks against Muslims to rise under Trump: Author

Thu Dec 1, 2016
... Referring to Trump’s handling of the recent knife attack at Ohio State University, where he said the perpetrator should not have been allowed to the US, Ham noted that these crimes are likely to rise after Trump’s inauguration on January 20.

Once Trump enters office, “I think we will actually begin to see not only the rhetoric increase but then I think we are also going to beginning to see sadly an escalation of these types of events” against Muslims and other minorities, the analyst noted. ...
More on the recent incident of 'stabbing while muslim' apparently being used as an example of an attack on followers of the false prophet at - PressTV - a dependable source of fake news