Thursday, 8 December 2016

[USA / Age of Trump / Islamophonia / Hedjabbery - Generic Ethnic Curiosity / Victim!] What It Was Like For A Female Follower of the False Prophet To Cover Trump's Campaign

What It Was Like For A Muslim Reporter To Cover Trump's Campaign


# Burly, or berley?
... Sometime in early 2016 between a Trump rally in New Hampshire, where a burly man shouted something at me about being Muslim, and a series of particularly vitriolic tweets that included some combination of "raghead," "terrorist," "bitch" and "jihadi," I went into my editor's office and wept. ...
# First a burly man, then a middle-aged man
... Sometimes they were negative — furtive glances as I walked through an Ohio pumpkin patch to interview people or the way a middle-aged man physically recoiled when I said "hello." ...
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