Tuesday, 6 December 2016

[USA / Age of Trump / Islamophonia / Get your Yahyas out!] Trump should address - fear of evil islam (instead of the false prophet's followers addressing Kuffarcide and islamic terror-casting)

Trump should address Islamophobia

... Completely eliminating Islamophobia should be Trump’s first and foremost humanitarian and conscientious duty. The US will become stronger only when it becomes a country where freedom of belief and expression is prevalent rather than prejudices, where people treat each other on the principle of “love your neighbour” instead of seeing each other as potential enemies. ...
More on Trump's duty to completely eliminate fear of the evil, blasphemous religion that he is not responsible or accountable for at New Straits Times

# It is ultimately up to the evil 'god' of islam to completely eliminate fear of evil islam - by immediately ceasing any and all anti-Kuffar activities or incitements - and directing its followers to do likewise. Flee from evil islam - run for your life!