Sunday, 18 December 2016

[UK Swamp News / Scotland / Big MAMA / Islamophonia] Cumbernauld Moske in Glasgow Vandalised with Crusader Quotes (Britain routinely subjected to followers of the false prophet marching and seeking to impose an islamic caliphate and telling democracy to go to hell)

Cumbernauld Mosque in Glasgow Vandalised with Crusader Quotes
... The pictures show the words ‘Saracen Go Home‘ and with the term ‘Deus Vult‘ next to it on the walls of the mosque. ‘Deus Vult’ which is classical Latin for ‘God wills it‘ ...
More anti-muslim attacks for the unfortunate false prophet organisation to monitor at TellMAMA

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Anjem Choudary Calls to Refrain from Voting in U K - democracy go to hell, UK go to hell

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