Tuesday, 27 December 2016

[Terror Australis / Melbourne: Another tale of 'disaffected' young followers of the false prophet - unable to coexist peacefully] Leading followers of the false prophet of islam decry Apex gang violence and recruitment (some years back, 'the community' was claiming that Sudanese gangs were not gangs - they were merely being sociable when they congregated in large groups)

Muslim leaders decry Apex gang violence and recruitment

December 27, 2016
Victorian faith leaders have responded to the state’s urban youth gang crisis, condemning the escalating violence and calling on families to seek help if they fear their children could slip into a life of crime. ...
More on the leaders who have 'faith' in a strange god and its false prophet - and phony, antichrist religion - at The Australian

# Memories:

Eleven assaulted in home invasion

JUNE 2 2013
... Police say two men were walking along a St Albans street on Friday night when they were approached by a group of men who assaulted them and stole a case of beer. ...

# Still tiptoeing?:


Wednesday, 16 March 2016
... But the challenge posed by youth gangs is a bigger one for society. It is about disengaged youth feeling they have nothing to belong to and nobody to disappoint. Disengaged from their family, their community and often from education. This is a social issue that police feel the brunt of everyday. This is a global issue that is becoming part of our society too.

Victoria Police is determined to prevent people like these destroying the peace that is Melbourne. ...
# More on the failure to alloy iron with clay - in spite of politicians' love of 'diversity':

We have a problem, and not just with African beauty pageants

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun
April 25, 2011
I'm not really convinced of the wisdom of settling African refugees here. Just holding a Sudanese beauty pageant seems - year after year - to lead to people being stabbed. ...