Thursday, 29 December 2016

[Islamophilia / Islamophonia] Evil, antichrist islam and fear of evil, antichrist islam in Canada: news and reports from RCI

Islam and islamophobia in Canada: news and reports from RCI

Wednesday 28 December, 2016

# Canada - unequally yoked with followers of the strange, terror-casting god of islam:

Canada and Muslims: “They’re not the problem, they’re partners against radicalization,
... Two domestic attacks, the Parliament Hill shooting, and a hit-and-run vehicle killing of a soldier were identified by police as being motivated by violent political ideology related to Islam. ...
# Fear of evil islam is a growing problem (unlike islamic terror-casting - which is nothing to do with islam because killing one innocent is the same as killing all bzzzzt)

Islamaphobia guide ready for educators this fall
... Elghawaby says the guide will help educators be sensitive to the needs of young people who may be traumatized and suffering PTSD following harrowing journeys and experiences before coming to Canada. It prepares teachers to recognize students who may be suffering feelings of alienation, feelings of fear and anxiety, or possibly acting out aggressively, or withdrawing. ...
# Groundhog Day:

Muslims increasingly proud to be Canadian: survey