Saturday, 17 December 2016

[Iran: Playing into the hands of allah and its false prophet - and blaming America for islamic terror-casting] Islam is the solution to problems of mankind ( a clear rejection of Jesus Christ, for whom and through whom all things are created - and who will return to rule the nations - no more islam)

Islam is the solution to problems of mankind

Hujjatul Islam Ahmad Zari
... Hujjatul Islam Zari while pointing towards the hadith of Saqalain stated the all Muslims should follow the teachings of Holy Quran and infallible Imams and fight against the enemies of Islam.
While declaring Holy Prophet (SAWW) as the prophet of peace, mercy and unity said that the teachings of Holy Prophet (SAWW) are the solution to all problems of society.
Friday prayers leader of Sehna said that terrorists groups like ISIS are inhumane and they have no relation to Islam, he said that these groups are the by-product of America. ...
More submission to the strange and evil god of islam with its false prophet and assorted lies and blasphemies at Shabestan News Agency