Wednesday, 14 December 2016

[Groundhog Day: Another tale about allah's success in casting terror into the hearts of innocent 'unbelievers' and triggering fear of its evil religion - giving SCAIR and friends an opportunity to whine] Fear of evil, terror-casting islam in the US

# No point blame-shifting from allah and its evil, terror-casting religion to Americans, or Trump. Muslims made the bad mistake of rejecting Jesus Christ in favour of the evil 'god' of Islam and the false prophet Mohammed (let him be anathema). Flee from islam and its phony phobias - run for your life!

Islamophobia in the US

By Rizwan Asghar
December 14, 2016
... Americans have made a bad mistake by electing Donald Trump as their president for the next four years and there is not much that can be done now. American Muslims will continue to face religious discrimination and America’s so-called ‘secular values’ will not be able to do anything to stop it.
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