Sunday, 18 December 2016

[Fake news / fake religion / fake god / fake prophet / fake peace] UK followers of the false prophet pose for peace at 10 Downing Street

UK Muslims press for peace at 10 Downing Street

Engagement2030 campaign in more than 125 locations worldwide aims to dispel myths and build interfaith understanding.

Tasnim Nazeer
... British Muslims also handed out roses as a gesture of peace to the public. Participants from more than 125 locations around the world were also involved.

"Unfortunately in the current climate of fear, the true message of Islam has been lost," said Abdur Rehman Tobin, a coordinator for As-Siraat. ...
More posturing - with the usual tripe about 'islamophobia' - at Al Jazeera

Engagement 2030

An As-Siraat Dawah Initiative

The need for positive dawah in the West has never been greater at the present time. With Muslims under scrutiny in many aspects of their lives, the Islam 2030 project seeks to harness a unified thought of creating a positive dawah platform. This can be established and delivered across towns and cities across the world in upcoming months and years.

# Beware of False Prophets:

As-Siraat Engagement 2030

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