Wednesday, 28 December 2016

[Canada / Great Falling Away / Playing into the hands of allah and its blasphemous religion] Islamic society invites people to Community Get-Together

Islamic society invites people to Community Get-Together

by Phil Melnychuk - Maple Ridge News
Dec 27, 2016
... "We're just getting together for a dinner, that's all, no strings attached."

Yousef said it's not a religious event, just a way of reaching out to the larger community. ...
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# Clearing up misunderstandings and ignorance about the evil, antichrist religion:

Eid brings people together

by Colleen Flanagan - Maple Ridge News
Jul 14, 2016

# Beware of false prophets:
... Ramadan is one of the five pillars of the faith, the other four being: the testimony of faith or uttering the words that there is no God worthy of being worshipped except God and that Mohammed is his prophet and messenger ...
# Groundhog Day:
... Yousef explains that in the Qur’an, God says that to take a single life is to take the life of all mankind, and to spare a life is to spare mankind. ...