Tuesday, 27 December 2016

[Blanketophobia in the wake of allah's successful Berlin Christmas market terror-casting] "It's not our fault!" (Another tale of female followers of the false prophet being afraid to go outside wearing hedjabs - or being insulted in the subways - much worse than being mown down by by a truck driven by a follower of the false prophet invoking the name of the evil 'god' of islam)

"It's not our fault!"

Author: Dunja Ramadan
Date: 26.12.2016
... In this country many people now fear being taken for someone they are not and never will become. Refugees, who say they are being perceived not as people, but as troublemakers. Female Muslims who are afraid of going out wearing a headscarf, or of being insulted in the subway in front of their children. ...
More of the usual victim stereotripe that follows a successful islamic terror-casting at Qantara.de