Friday, 9 December 2016

[Beware of False Prophets] Why do muslims celebrate the last false prophet of islam

# The false prophet of islam - bigger and more successful than any Nigerian scam. Beware of false prophets, as well as internet scams.

Why do Muslims celebrate the last prophet

By Afis A. Oladosu
09 December 2016
... At forty, Muhammad was commissioned to Prophethood; he was commanded by the Almighty to proclaim a simple message: there is no deity worth of worship except the Almighty; Muhammad is His messenger. This message was simple but difficult. In its effect, it implied the dissolution of all authorities and the recognition of and the secession of all power to the Almighty alone.

Put differently, Islam was a religion which marks the culmination of all other religions; it was a call for the destruction of all principalities except that of the Almighty; it was a declaration that the most odious crime is not murder nor adultery but the setting up for worship, by humans, of deities other than the Almighty. ...
More on allah's doomed attempt to hijack Creation and set itself as 'lord of the worlds' - using the false prophet Mohammed as a proxy - at The Guardian (Nigeria)

# Flee from islam - and its false prophet. Run for your life!