Thursday, 22 December 2016

[Allah the Kuffar Slayer: Memories of life in Britain - December 2014 - before it was considered a 'hate crime' to not wish to sit next to a muslim in the Tube] Islamist terror: why I now fear going on the Tube

Islamist terror: why I now fear going on the Tube

By Michael Burleigh
21 Dec 2014
... On one occasion, a number of women moved away from a young man who was reciting the Koran; I, perhaps rashly, decided his rucksack was too small for a bomb and stood my ground opposite him, resenting his cocky lack of self-awareness. ...
... One wonders how many commuters are making similar mental calculations nowadays, not to mention anyone who has the mixed blessing of visiting a crowded square, shopping centre or central station where armed policemen are ubiquitous. ...
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Sally Jones, British ISIS Widow, Threatens Central London And Tube Bomb Attacks In June And July

Leytonstone Tube attack: Isil-inspired knifeman jailed for life after targeting strangers at Underground station

# Never mind the islamic terror-castings or threats thereof - sit next to muslims, or face arrest and prosecution for 'hate crime':

British ‘Bake Off’ Star Urged by UK Police to Report ‘Hate Crime’ of Man Not Wanting to Sit Next to Her on a Train

16 Dec 2016
... They have encouraged Hussain, and others with similar experiences, to come forward and report such incidents as hate crimes so that they can investigate, although they said it would not be up to them whether or not to prosecute. ...
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