Tuesday, 29 November 2016

[YouTube / USA / CAIR's response to the forward lash] CAIR Ohio News Conference in Response to Ohio State University Incident

# Max Rid

# Obfuscation:

0:40 Don't know the motive
1:18 Urge everyone not to jump to conclusions
1:55 We are shocked
2:15 Motive unknown - but Somali heritage will be enough for some people to 'falsely' link it to islam and Somali and false prophet communities

# Deflection:

2:40 Our nation has gone through a period in which division and hatred are at unprecedented levels
2:55 Must not let the act further divide nation - fear and intolerance (blameshifting)
5:00 Weakness and division will make us fall (allah has divided into dar al islam - followers of the false prophet - and dar al harb - 'unbelievers' - muslims/non-muslims)
5:40 Nothing to do with islam - nothing to do with Somali culture or heritage
6:35 No jumping to conclusions - in spite of previous 'conclusions' that it was nothing to do with islam or Somali culture
6:45 No blaming religion or ethnicity
9:20 Please don't jump to conclusions
9:30 Let's not blame any particular religion or ethnicity
10:28 Here in solidarity with followers of the false prophet in Ohio and Somali community

# Self praise:

10:40 Community that aspires to work for peace, justice

# More denial and deflection:

11:55 Does not represent values of beautiful Somali community - nothing to do with the tradition of the false prophet of islam (made victorious through terror)
12:10 Implying that the islamic allah is God and more about the false prophet spreading peace
12:40 Weak when we succumb to fears and divisions (not those divisions of allah's doing?)
13:40 Act of individual shouldn't be blamed on rest of community

# More 'othering':

13:59 Large muslim / non-muslim community

# Backlashophobia

14:27 Shouldn't be a backlash on followers of the false prophet or Somalis or anyone (even though they claim not to know what triggered the forward lash)
15:48 Training in how to address 'extremist' violence in muslim youth (in spite of it having nothing to do with islam)
16:15 More don't jump to conclusions (apart from nothing to do with islam ...)

# Deflect attention from driving and stabbing while muslim to 'gun violence':

16:24 Gun violence is a major issue ... but stabber didn't have a firearm

# Question and answer time to reinforce muslim victimhood

17:10 Time of increased violence against muslim community (but not by members thereof - the reason for the 'news' conference)
17:19 More backlashophobia - muslims as victims

# Flee from islam - run for your life!