Thursday, 17 November 2016

[YouTube / Age of Trump / Islamophonia: A whole month to be aware of the fear of allah's evil antichrist religion while ignoring the islamic terror-castings that trigger the fear] IAM Othered Women in The West: What is fear of evil islam to you?

IAM Muslim Women in The West: What is Islamophobia to you?

# Mariya

# Hedjab-Tugging Tales: Trump legitimised "islamophobia" - and "muslim women are being attacked":

(After the London July 7 islamic terror-castings - even before Trump 'legitimised islamophobia')

Muslim women advised to abandon hijab to avoid attack

Vikram Dodd
Thursday 4 August 2005
... On Tuesday, the Metropolitan police released figures showing a 600% rise in faith-hate crimes in London directed at Muslims since the bombings. ...
# 600% rise - not even the SPLC and CAIR can spin up figures like that
... Inayat Bunglawala, of the Muslim Council of Britain, said: "It is not Muslim women who need to change their behaviour, it is those thugs and the far right who may target them who need to change." ...
# Ignore the terror-castings - change those who become fearful of evil islam as a result
... Massoud Shadjareh, of the Islamic Human Rights Commission, said: "Muslim women are being attacked without wearing the hijab, non-Muslim Asians are being attacked. We need to address the issue of Islamophobia." ...
More on the success of allah's London terror-castings in triggering fear of its evil religion - well before Trump - at The Guardian

# Canada - shocking (looking silly) to draw attention, apparently

'Do I Matter Now' Movement Unites Indigenous and Muslim Women Against Stephen Harper

By Brigitte Noël and Jean-Pierre Bastien​
October 20, 2015
... "There's a lot of frustrated people relieved to see this issue being named, relieved to see somebody pointing out how ironic it is that Muslim women are being attacked and the prime minister is trying to control what women can wear," says Arnaquq-Baril. ...
More looking silly and asking if it matters at Vice

# State-sanctioned violence, would you believe?

Where are the femenists?

... The civil rights, and especially, the women rights groups need to identify and recognize such attacks are affront to our way of life. Whether its on the beaches of Nice, or streets of London, or train in Toronto, to public transit in Sydney Australia, Muslim women are being attacked primarily because they are women. ...
# Public transit in Sydney? - not being shot in a cafe, or outside a police station, as with the victims of islamic terror?

# Frivolous fear of the evil religion - not serious fear? perhaps allah just needed to try harder - as it did with the Lindt Cafe siege a month later:


Jack Howard
November 24, 2014
... Just to remind everyone of the context in which this is happening, let’s look at what life has been like for Muslims in Australia for the last six weeks: Australians have been attacked in the streets for looking Muslim, mosques have been vandalised, Sikh temples have been vandalised with anti-Muslim graffiti (because if they’re brown, they must be Muslim and therefore terrorists), Muslim women are being attacked and harassed constantly and our own government is pursuing an anti-terror agenda that has vilified the entire Muslim community. ...
# Flee from the evil, terror-casting religion - and all of its baggage. Run for your life!