Sunday, 20 November 2016

[USA / Washington / Great Falling Away: Praying to the strange and evil god of islam] 'Interfaith Leaders' Pledge To Stand By American Followers of the False Prophet (who denied both the deity and crucifixion of Jesus), No Matter What

Interfaith Leaders Pledge To Stand By American Muslims, No Matter What

Carol Kuruvilla
... In the days since Trump’s election, many American Muslims have watched with trepidation as the president-elect tapped members for his new administration who have professed negative and dangerous attitudes about Islam ― from potential attorney general Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), who has endorsed banning Muslims from the country, to Trump’s pick for national security adviser, Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who has called Islam a “cancer.” ...
More Kuffarphobic watching in trepidation at ... Huffington Post

Even more Kuffarphobia:

Muslim Americans Speak of Escalating Worries

NOV. 18, 2016
... Hanan Hassan, a native of Iraq who works at a refugee center in Phoenix, mostly with people from Syria, said her mood and that of her clients had changed drastically.

“Some of us are scared of being sent back,” she said. “Our children are having issues at school.” ...
More Kuffarphobia following years of islamic terror-castings intended to terrify Kuffar - but playing into the hands of Trump instead of 'glorifying' allah (inch allah) at The New York Times - which apparently intends to refocus on news instead of tripe :)

The Bridge Initiative

# An 'academic study' of fear of allah's evil, antichrist, blasphemous religion

Flee from evil islam - run for your life!

ApologetiX There Are Wolves Among us

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