Thursday, 24 November 2016

[USA / Trumpophobia: I wasn't expecting some sort of Salem witch trial!] New York Followers of the False Prophet Respond with Fear, Hope and Apathy to Trump’s Election

# The muslim meltdown continues - I wonder how many really do believe this tripe

Muslim New Yorkers Respond with Fear, Hope and Apathy to Trump’s Election

By Elizabeth Whitman
... Another priority is guarding against what Saylor called a “return to the Salem witch trials” under a future Trump administration. ...
# Orwell, too:
... “I felt I was in an Orwellian nightmare,” Ortiz-Jetter said of the day after the election. “It’s a paradigm shift for all of us as Americans.” ...
# Chaos!
... Seema, a 30-year-old born of Pakistani descent born and raised in Brooklyn, wasn’t so certain.

“It’s going to be chaos for Muslims,” she recalled thinking after learning Trump had won. ...
More chaotic Orwellian witch-hunts at The Nation

# The rising tide of religious unorthodoxy islamophobia:

Photos of Ted / The Spanish Inquisition - Monty Python's Flying Circus

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