Thursday, 17 November 2016

[USA / Texas / Islamophonia: Students share their tales and experiences of fear of allah's evil, antichrist religion, among other things] Students of Color Coalition “speaks out” against discrimination

Students of Color Coalition “speaks out” against discrimination

Written by Tamera Hyatte on November 16, 2016
People shared their stories and experiences of racism, islamophobia, homophobia and many more instances of discrimination Wednesday morning. ...
... “We basically wanted to give people a safe space,” Alexander said. “A lot of people were very upset about the election and didn’t have a way to show it.” ...
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# Little boxes made of sticky tacky:

Professor uses sticky notes to promote healing

Written by Paris Jones on November 16, 2016
... “I knew that half of the people I encountered the next day after the election results were announced would be thrilled and excited about what had occurred, and then there was a population that would be distraught, concerned and shocked,” English said. “Part of this opportunity was to give students the opportunity to think about, whether you’re happy or sad, what is your responsibility to encourage unity.” ...
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