Thursday, 24 November 2016

[USA / Pakistan / Trumpophobia] 'With Trump coming into power, all that was once glorious about the USA is now set to diminish' (though allah's successful 9-11 terror-casting was the separator between two eras)

# Fake News Alert:

What ‘Amreeka’ meant to all of us

Maria Sartaj
...In the new millennium, Muslims have felt cornered more than ever and in defiance, they have upped their religiosity. Trump has simply cashed in on the world that has now greatly and firmly been divided along religious lines. All that had been simmering in the US for years has fructified itself in the form of a leader who promises to ‘make America great again’ and perhaps devoid of all colour too.
More on the unfortunate followers of the false prophet and their obsession with the successful 9-11 forward lash and the claimed backlash that finally fructified in the form of Trump at Daily Times

Paul Kelly - Be Careful What You Pray For

# Geoff Hill