Wednesday, 30 November 2016

[USA / Ohio / Islamophonia: Playing into the hands of allah and its evil, terror-casting religion] Muslim Sensitivity Classes Fail to Stop Armed Islamic Terrorist

Muslim Sensitivity Classes Fail to Stop Armed Islamic Terrorist

November 29, 2016
... The university’s Middle East Studies Center sponsored multiple events meant to raise awareness about Islamophobia. OSU also sponsored an August lecture in which a Muslim professor told his “personal story” of Islamophobia. ...
More islamophonia at TruNews (Originally on The Daily Caller)

Discussion: Islamophobia in America

23 September 2015
Following a series of recent events which involve Islamophobia, including comments made by a presidential candidate against voting for a hypothetical Muslim presidential candidate, On Point offers insights into the phenomenon. ...
American Islamophobia

September 23, 2015
From the campaign trail to a Texas high school, the United States wrestles with Islamophobia.
# Islamokillia had a bit of a set back on Monday - but any resulting 'islamophobia' had already been condemned a month before

Columbus, Ohio, City Council Condemns Islamophobia with Resolution

CAIR-Columbus Applauds City Council Resolution Condemning Islamophobia

# Flee from evil, terror-casting islam - run for your life!