Friday, 18 November 2016

[USA / New York / Age of Trump: Followers of the false prophet have been dehumanized and degraded, live in fear of hedjab-tugging, and face escalating microaggressions - even as followers of the false prophet in Syria and Iraq butcher each other, along with 'unbelievers'] NYU ... Fear of evil, terror-casting islam ... Post-Trump Election

NYU Islamophobia Post-Trump Election

Diamond Naga Siu, News Editor
November 17, 2016
... “Throughout the election season, Muslims have been treated like second-class citizens. I don’t know how else to say it,” Bengabsia said. “We’ve been dehumanized and degraded to be perceived as something less of an American and less of a human. Our deaths have been celebrated, our patriotism has been questioned and our very citizenship within this nation has been threatened.” ...
# Tripe overload
... “Almost once a week for the past month, I have gotten verbally assaulted by Islamophobic bigots,” Bengabsia said. “I was standing in my local Starbucks recently, putting my straw into my drink, when a man almost double my size leaned into my ear and muttered, ‘fucking terrorist.’ ...
# Nothing, compared to allah's written assaults on 'unbelievers' - intended to lead to beheadings and maimings
... Abubakr said that the casual microaggressions she faces puts her in an awkward position, since as a woman of color and as a female Muslim, she feels a responsibility to properly inform other people. However, Abubakr recognizes that she cannot educate everybody about what it means to be Muslim. ...
More tripe as the followers of the false prophet frantically portray themselves as the real victims in a world that would prefer to live without beheadings, maimings, crucifixions, bombings, hijackings and other forms of islamic terror-casting at Washington Square News

# Flee from islam and its lies, blasphemies and terror-castings - run for your life!