Wednesday, 30 November 2016

USA / Boston (a city impacted by islamokillia): Trump fanned the flames of islamophonia - but this follower of the false prophet wears a sign saying 'I'm not scared'

Muslim Student Ibrahim Rashid: “I’m Not Scared”

By Susan Seligson
... Pinned loosely to his tunic is a handmade cardboard sign that says, “I’m not scared.” Not only is Rashid unafraid of the potential fallout from the blatant Islamophobia voiced by Trump and many of his supporters, but he has decided that after graduation he wants to work for the US government. ...
More on the sign-wearing follower of the false prophet in a city impacted by blatant islamokillia before Trump's election at BU Today

# Never mind the islamic terror - obsess over Trump's blatant fear of the evil religion instead:

Boston Marathon bombing both explosions captured, unseen footage - "DON'T PANIC"

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