Tuesday, 29 November 2016

[USA / Barking Mad: 'Swath of islamophonia' alert!] Kamala Khan Is the Superhero We Need—Now, More Than Ever (In the wake of Donald Trump's free and fair election)

Kamala Khan Is the Superhero We Need—Now, More Than Ever

by Ashley Victoria Robinson
November 28th, 2016
... On the rise with anti-immigrant rhetoric is a swath of Islamophobia. This trend, although troubling, is not a new one. With these two positions being lauded by an incoming government as acceptable ideologies I would like to posit that Kamala “Ms. Marvel” Khan is the superhero that we need—now more than ever. ...
More on the swath of fear of allah's evil, terror-casting religion at The Mary Sue

The obsession with fear of the evil, blasphemous religion:

"Swath of Islamophobia":

See also

"Uptick in Islamophobia":

Miss Minnesota In Hijab: Halima Aden Of Somalia Is First Contestant To Wear Muslim Headpiece, Burkini [PHOTOS]
... She said an uptick in Islamophobia across the U.S. in recent years has sparked concern in her community. ...
"Surge of Islamophobia":

OIC urges to combat extremism, warns of surge in Islamophobia – Kuwait’s Al-Otaibi addresses UN counter-terrorism meet
... He reiterated OIC’s grave concern at the “mounting trend of intolerance and discriminations against Muslims, and the consequent surge of Islamophobia, which is an affront to the human rights and dignity of Muslims.” ...
"Tsunami of Islamophobia" (2012 - prior to Trump's election campaign and victory):

Islamophobia is Stupid: Part III
... ntire federal prisons exist just for Muslims, not Guantanamo, but here in the states. Bottom line, there is an utter tsunami of ISLAMOPHOBIA, and the internet Muslim class is having debates about etymology! TAKBIR! ...
"Tidal wave of Islamophobia" - variant of tsunami - contributed by the ever-vigilant SPLC

The Center for Security Policy puts a veneer of normalcy on a daylong program of fearmongering and conspiracy, even as it's being courted by GOP presidential candidates.
... Gaffney’s CSP has been riding high on the tidal wave of Islamophobia he and similar anti-Muslim organizations have created, with the help of right-wing political candidates who have legitimized their dubious and often outrageous claims. ...
"Perfect storm of Islamophobia" - also confected by the ever-vigilant SPLC (with bonus 'bonfire of bigotry')

Donald Trump's fan base and Ben Carson's intransigence help stoke the right-wing bonfire of bigotry into an out-of-control firestorm.